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Subdivision – Land Planning

The primary purpose of a subdivision is to take a large parcel of land and divide it into smaller parcels of land, 3 or more. Our experience and expertise maximizes property value and environmental potential.

A Subdivision require approval by the local planning board for three lots created in a five-year time period. First a Boundary Survey is done. A Conceptual Plan or Sketch Plan is prepared according to local Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances.  Site evaluators, well drilling firms, and hydrologists are consulted. Contours are established. After the initial review with the local planning board a Preliminary Plan is prepared and submitted. Then a Final Plan is submitted which requires planning board approval, signatures, and then is recorded in the Registry of Deeds.

The subdivision process to seek local planning board approval is made simple by Boynton & Associates. We can do some or all of the procedure to obtain approval. Over the years we have worked very efficiently with other Professionals to help keep the process smooth and the costs affordable.


Actions Performed by Boynton & Associates LLC

  • Perform Boundary Survey

  • Perform Topographic Survey & Wetland Survey

  • Determine Lot Layout Create Easements

  • Monument Newly Created Property Boundaries

  • Layout Subdivision Infrastructure for Construction

  • Perform As-built Survey of Constructed Improvements


What Service is Provided​

  • Accurate Measurement of all Features & Monumentation on Overall Parcel

  • Creating a Map or Plat of Said Measurements

  • Setting any Missing Boundary Monumentation

  • Ensure that Lot Creation Occurs Entirely Within Boundaries

  • Meet the Requirements of Current Land Use Ordinances

  • Provide Other Surveys for Utility & Street Proposals

  • Provide a Method for Creating Smaller Parcels of Land

  • Provide printed color CAD Survey Plan (24" x 36") (Includes AERIAL VIEW MAP & USGS AREA MAP)

  • Provide Mylar copy and prints of plans for Town/City Planning Board


Family / Estate Surveys:

Boynton & Associates LLC performs Boundary Surveys for people who have inherited lands from relatives. This is necessary because the new owner does not have a clear understanding as to the land they recently inherited. Some land owners feel a need to have a Boundary Survey of all their properties so their heirs will not have to shoulder this burden.


Boynton & Associates LLC specializes in these Family and Estate Surveys and can provide the client relief and security in finally knowing the extent of the inherited property, which is extremely important for tax purposes, future improvements or timber harvesting, as well as future sale or division.


Boynton & Associates LLC also performs family divisions for retired folks planning their estates, as well as for parents conveying a lot, or lots, to their children. Family divisions are exempt from certain subdivision regulations, provided certain criteria are met. Let Boynton & Pickett LLC guide you through the process!


Often Family and Estate Surveys consist of multiple parcels of land. The results of Family and Estate Surveys are usually the same as a Boundary Survey. At times the results include more detailed historical information which can sometimes add value to the property and benefit future generations. 


Land Divisions

Sometimes Clients need to create a parcel of land called a Division. Commonly a Division is needed to create a new house lot or to sell an existing house and keep some remaining acreage. Boynton & Associates LLC has helped hundreds of clients to perform a simple division of their property. Property gifted to family member does not always require subdivision approval by the Municipality or State. We will check the local Zoning and Subdivision Ordnances to assure that this division conforms to the regulations of each Municipality. Quite often these simple Divisions are performed when a parent is conveying a lot to a child for a new house lot.


A Division is similar to a Boundary Survey; however, often a single lot is surveyed out of a larger parcel and the remaining land is not necessarily surveyed. During the process of a simple Division, Boynton & Associates LLC will assist the client to determine what the most practical steps are. A new Legal Description will be provided and monuments set at all new corners. A CAD file is provided for a clear understanding for all.


Applicable Clients:

  • Trustees & Heirs

  • Private Owners

  • Multiple Land Owners


Farm Homestead Surveys

Boynton & Associates LLC can provide Farm Homesteads Surveys. A Farm Homestead could be as few acres or hundreds of acres.  Farm Homesteads are often comprised of numerous parcels acquired over time. Quite often the current deed description of a Farm Homestead may contain several parcels, some that may be pertinent and contiguous to the homestead, and some may not.


Numerous deeds may make up the Farm Homestead. A Farm Homestead Survey and layout, georeferenced on an aerial map is needed to correctly identify and display the entire Farm. This can additionally be described with a new and specific single deed description. This is very beneficial for tax purposes and property sale values.  


Boynton & Associates LLC has extensive knowledge and archives of property in central and northern Maine, as well as experience in performing these complicated surveys.


The results of a Farm Homestead Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey, but is often accompanied by a detailed Report of how the boundary lines were determined. Additional non-boundary mapping, of fields, pastures, orchards, woods roads, trails, tree lines, stonewalls, water features, wetlands, contours, and other physical features can also be provided.


Our detailed and colored Survey Maps showing these features overlaid on an aerial georeferenced map and printed on a satin finished premium paper with an HP Designjet Z5200 PostScript 44” Plotter with a Vivera Ink System that resists fading for more than 200 years. It is a wonderful visual representation of the entire Property and nothing short of amazing! Many Clients frame this CAD Map and thus our claim that or maps are “Frameable.”

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