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Geographic Information Systems or GIS

Geographic Information Systems or GIS for short is a rapidly growing technology involving spatial databases. Applications of GIS are widespread and are used throughout all levels of government and the private sector for mapping and analysis. At Boynton & Pickett LLC we use ESRI's ArcGIS 10.2.2 for supporting field data collection, tracking status on large projects, and integrating GIS datasets and aerial imagery with AutoCAD and GPS data.

Boynton & Associates LLC can help your organization get started on the right track with GIS or help you continue to make progress with GIS. We offer practical solutions founded on experience. Because of our widespread experience we can see the big picture for your organization and balance that with the GIS technology appropriate for your organization.


What Service We Provide

  • Consultation - we can help you with getting started or continuing with GIS. Depending on your need, consultation can consist of needs assessments, recommendations for software and methodology, and project development.

  • Full range of digital cartography including custom maps and map books using Data Driven Pages.

  • Specialized maps for your property, showing surveyed or approximate boundary on high resolution satellite imagery. Maps can show trails, hunting camps and stands, and fishing spots.

  • Geospatial Analysis and database development including configuration and linking GIS data to your enterprise database or to Microsoft Access.

  • Georeferencing non-spatial maps in hardcopy or digital format, and CAD drawings in local coordinate systems.

  • Large format plotting on HP Designjet Z5200 PostScript 44” Plotter with Vivera Ink System that resists fading for more than 200 years.

  • Integration with GPS and Google Earth.

Energy Projects

Boynton & Associates LLC has worked on a variety of Energy Projects. With the States growing production of Wind, Solar, Gas, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the energy industry will continue to diversify and expand. As a result, there is now greater interest in renewable energy sources, with solar energy being among the most popular. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar accounted for about 40 percent of all new energy producing capacity to come online during the first half of 2015. The growth in solar energy production has occurred both on a small-scale residential basis and a large-scale utilities basis, with a new solar energy project being installed every two minutes.

With so much interest in solar energy as one method of fulfilling our future energy needs, it’s no surprise that there is also growing interest in how to turn out efficient solar energy projects. As with many development projects, land surveying is one of the first and most crucial components. The solar energy industry has some unique challenges when it comes to land surveying.  Boynton & Pickett LLC that has direct experience working on renewable energy projects and can assist you in addressing the many challenges that lay ahead.

Landscape Topographical Surveys 


Boynton &Associates LLC has performed hundreds of Topographical & Existing Conditions Surveys for many different clients. We have extensive experience in landscape design and construction. This type of land survey work is an art and is done for a client that is planning a new landscape or other major development. A Topographical & Existing Conditions Survey involves identifying natural and man-made physical features such as plants, trees, ground cover, hardscapes, boulders, aquatic features, buildings, fences, drainage, parking, walkways driveways, utilities, water and electrical sources, impervious features, and usual 1 or 2 foot contours of the land.

There are many reasons for this type of survey, including but not limited to potential development and or improvements requiring architectural or engineering design. 

Our Topographical & Existing Conditions Survey is a detailed drawing; it may include a Boundary Survey for the perimeter boundaries. This “colored” CAD Topographical & Existing Conditions Survey has all features drawn to scale, (plants, trees, boulders, etc.) the results are artistic, readable and easy to use. 

UAV “DRONE” 4K quality video and 12 mega pixel photos can be provided!  

Current Clients:

  • Landscape Architects

  • Engineers

  • Relators

  • Golf Courses

  • Land Fills

  • Airports

  • Contractors

  • Developers

  • Commercial and Private Land Owners

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