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Aerial Maps
Boynton & Associates LLC has become known for their amazing Aerial Maps. These maps allow Clients to fully visualize their Property and can include any of the following items:
Camps, contours, wetlands, bogs, brooks, streams, ponds, tree stands, fishing holes, flood zones, aquifers, pond depths, trails, ledges, roads, fields, pastures, food plots, power lines, town lines, property lines, rail roads, pipe lines, cemeteries, wild life management areas, and any other feature unique to your property or requested by Client.

Coordinates are available for any software or GPS unit used, we can supply coordinates that take you right to the spot!

Our detailed and colored Survey Maps showing these features overlaid on an aerial georeferenced map and printed on a satin finished premium paper with an HP Designjet Z5200 PostScript 44” Plotter with Vivera Ink System that resists fading for more than 200 years. 
It is a wonderful visual representation of the entire property and nothing short of amazing! Many Clients frame this CAD Map and thus our claim that or maps are “Frameable!”
View an example of an Aerial Map by Boynton & Pickett LLC 

Aerial Photo Control Surveys
Boynton & Associates LLC can perform Aerial Photo Control Surveys State Wide. Clients such as Photogrammetric Mapping, GIS Mapping, Land Developments, and other Professionals require Aerial Photo Control Surveys before an Aerial photography mapping project is made. Sometimes Aerial Photo Control Surveys are performed by using existing Aerial Photography to obtain control (coordinates and elevations) to “Picture Points.”

Boynton & Associates LLC can provide the services to layout targets (panel points) and to obtain coordinates and elevation to the targets points. By utilizing our long range, vis radio transmission, and Topcon GR5 RTK GPS survey equipment, Aerial Photo Control Surveys can be performed very efficiently.
The results of the Aerial Photo Control Survey are a list of the coordinates, over a photo map or quad map. We can provide pictures and a Control Point description of key control points to be utilized in ground control for future surveys. 

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) - Drone Technology
 Boynton & Associates LLC can provide you with UAV technology to obtain images that will last a lifetime. Whether it's for a fishing trip, wedding, sporting event or your new landscape. Drones can deliver 4K quality video and 12 mega pixel photos can record any event or landscape.
Get the tactical advantage and create a more detailed perspective for your real estate listings using drone technology.
Drones will allow prospective customers to see a birds-eye view of the buildings, landscapes, waterfronts, beaches, property and abutting areas.

Boynton & Associates LLC can create high-definition maps more quickly and for a more affordable price than other technologies.  What would have once required you to hire a private plane and photographer and would cost thousands of dollars, can now be attained for a fraction of the Cost using unmanned systems.
Conservation, timber harvesting, agriculture, landscaping, hunting, land development, photography, and more can benefit from this amazing technology. Create A memory today with Boynton & Associates LLC!  

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